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OutgressBot requests

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by sarahk, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. sarahk

    sarahk Member Illuminator Explorer Enlightened L13

    My OPR rating was poor, so I started tracking every review, still doing it (more or less) but checking back to see if they're live is a drag.

    So, in my spreadsheet I have a column where I have the OutgressBot command and I can copy and paste into Telegram to see if you know about the portal yet.


    Now some you don't know about so I don't get a response

    and others are "common as muck"

    Two requests
    1. to be able to cut and paste X requests at a time
    2. to be able to set a sortby lat/long so that after the name is matched the next sort by is distance from my pinpoint. (ref: https://www.geodatasource.com/developers/php)
  2. sarahk

    sarahk Member Illuminator Explorer Enlightened L13

    While I've raised sorting - what is the sort order?

    In this example I'd have thought the order would have been the Texas portal and then the other two.

  3. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    Let's see here... a couple things...

    The biggest thing is...

    Why in the hell are you trying to track your OPR? lol To me, that sounds like a huge waste of time. Especially if you are coming in after the fact to keep rechecking on old ones to see if they ever get in the system. There's a few flaws with checking them... Outgress doesn't know about them until they are attacked. You could potentially have an OPR agreement for a portal approval that never gets added (like if it's too close to an existing portal). Something like this would be more viable if Ingress had an API we could poll, but they don't unfortunately.

    If you want a more accurate representation of portals being added, maybe build links direct to the Ingress Intel map based on portal's longitude/latitude (but again, not sure it would be worth the time/effort required). Long/Latitude really is the only accurate way you would be able to check in Outgress too because portal titles aren't unique, but long/lat of a portal is. But again... seems like way too much effort.

    For the last thing (the sort order)... to me it looks like it should probably sort based on relevance in the order you also expected since the title is an exact match. Not doing anything weird or interesting on this end. Just letting Elastic Search (the backend we use) order search results itself based on "relevance". But the intricacies of how it's making those determinations, I'm not entirely sure of to be honest. Might need to go digging, because I *thought* it was using the same search parameters with OutgressBot searches as it does on the site, but clearly that's not the case because a search on this site gives a more expected order. I'll go digging and see what's different.
  4. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    On the last issue with the sort order, it should be fixed. It *was* looking up the internet portal IDs from Elastic Search ordered by relevancy. But then when it took the top 3 results, when it pulled all the detail info about the portals it was just being ordered randomly. So the top 3 would match the normal search here on site, but those top 3 would be ordered randomly.

    Anyway, it's fixed now and relying on the original Elastic Search query to order the detail query.
  5. sarahk

    sarahk Member Illuminator Explorer Enlightened L13


    I just checked the Central Fire Station example and the results haven't changed but they have for Whale Mural.

    The side issue of "WTF, you track OPR?"

    Could well be a huge waste of time but after I'd done a thousand reviews as Poor I was curious to see if there was any data mining I could do to see what I was doing wrong. It also slows down the review process which appears to have been the biggest problem - and a completely ridiculous false flag. Overall, it's been interesting but I don't know that I've got enough data to really answer my quality control questions.

    Checking back to see if portals have been created is tiresome and I'm definitely less motivated to check now that I'm back in the "Good" books. My reviews heatmap (http://itamer.com/heatmap.html) is interesting to see the scope of the reviews I'm getting.

    My home and bonus location are both in Australia, while I'm in NZ so it's interesting to see how skewed the data is towards one's current location. I've just been to Samoa & haven't seen any reviews for there since I've returned. Last year I had the Cook Islands as my bonus location. The only time I had a review from there was when it was also my current location.

    Interesting tidbit - I couldn't hack in Samoa for a couple of days and didn't see local reviews despite opening the scanner & recharging there. I was able to submit a portal and that reset my current location and I was then getting Samoan submissions.


    and when I do bother to check to see if any of the portals have been approved it's interesting to see how this changes. There's either a ton of reviews in limbo (15 & 16 weeks) or a stack of good portals were rejected. I know from my own submissions that lots of good portals do get rejected but 248???


    I've started saving the links to their photos too as this helps to understand what might have been a problem and to check that the right result is recorded for a portal.
    Example: Kaitiaki village Entrance
    This is permanent, there's information, clearly visible and unique. My only issue would be the lower case v in "village".

    Here's an example of a portal that became a dupe after it was reviewed
    The one I saw was called "Durham Redoubt" but often the names match.
    By comparing the photo I saw against the live portal I can double check that I have the right result
    [​IMG] [​IMG]