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Marking EX raid gyms on Pokélytics

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Chortos-2, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Some gyms are special in Pokémon GO: they are eligible for “EX raids”. In-game, you can see whether a gym is eligible for EX raids simply by opening its gym screen. If a player does (enough) raids at an eligible gym, they will get a special in-game item (EX raid pass) that lets them participate in an EX raid at that same gym at a fixed-in-advance date and time. (They can also invite a friend to join them.) People who don’t have passes for that raid can’t participate in it.

    EX raids generally have special Pokémon available for capture that can’t (at that time) be obtained in other ways, so some people like to do raids specifically at EX raid gyms to increase their chances of getting invited to an EX raid. I think it could be useful if Pokélytics would let people flag portals not only as gyms but (also) specifically as (non-)EX raid gyms.

    This could be an additional checkbox available only for portals already marked as gyms, or this could just be a separate category alongside the existing “Stop”, “Gym” and “None” choices. The only problem is that portals currently marked as “Gym” contain no information about whether they’re eligible for EX raids, so it wouldn’t be quite correct to change the meaning of “Gym” to “non-EX-raid gym” (although with time, incorrect flags would hopefully be corrected by the community). Ideally, “Gym” should somehow become “ambiguous gym”, while “non-EX-raid gym” and “EX-raid gym” should be two new categories.
  2. Ah, I posted this to the wrong subforum… :( This should probably go in “Feature Requests”. Sorry!
  3. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    Might be doable... can’t say 100% until I get into the backend and see how the Pokémon flags are being stored internally (it’s been awhile, so not sure off the top of my head).