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Forward from non gmail account

Discussion in 'Support' started by DrWom, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. DrWom

    DrWom New Member


    is it possible? I can forward using sieve from my own server, but it does not work.
  2. I tried forwarding from Hotmail and it does not work
  3. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    It can come from a non-gmail account, as long as it's a Google Account (in fact my Google Account isn't a gmail.com email). You can't play Ingress without a Google Account, so allowing forwarding from accounts that can't be used for Ingress seems a little silly.

    There *are* some restrictions on forwarding emails though. I'm not familiar with sieve, so I'm not sure what it's doing internally to the emails. Forwarded emails must remain 100% intact as they were sent from Niantic (the system uses DKIM to verify that the origin of the email was from Niantic and that the email itself was not changed in any way). This is to prevent malicious attempts to feed in incorrect/fake data.

    So long story short is that if your system is forwarding emails in a 100% unaltered form, it should work. If it alters the email in any way, it will not work.
  4. DrWom

    DrWom New Member

    Well, Ingress still sends the mails to the email adress i had setup on my Google acount. I have later changed the adress in my Google Account, and this is the adress i use to sign on into Ingress now. But the emails still go to the original adress.

    Sieve seems to leave the emails unaltered, and the forwarding seems to work for lampje which i assume also only accepts unaltered mails?
  5. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    I don't know anything about Lampje, so no idea if it performs validation of email integrity. I suppose you could try forwarding them from sieve to your Gmail account and then set up a normal email forward filter rule from there. I've seen a few people do that and then the emails seem to forward along into Outgress just fine. Might at least be worth trying.
  6. I forwarded from hotmail to a friends' gmail then to Outgress and it is recording my data now
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  7. Snarke

    Snarke New Member

    Wait, what? That statement doesn't make any sense at all. The email can "come from" a "non-Gmail account" as long as it's a "Google Account?"

    Yes, of course i have an account (aka a username and password) with Google. But my Google account doesn't get email. It can't; it's not an email account. My "Google Account" grants me access to a variety of Google's services, but email is not one of them.

    Are you perhaps confusing your terminology? Google insists that I use a working email address as the user name for my Google account. That does not in any way whatsoever make my email account my "Google Account." Neither the username, password, nor server for my email account are in any way related to my Google account. The "email address" that Google insisted I have as a username is exclusive to Google; it does not really exist. It's merely a forwarding alias to my real email account. As such, I cannot easily forward mail "from" my Google username.

    Therefore, allowing forwarding from an email account that isn't connected to my Ingress identity is not only not "silly," it is necessary. "Silly" is exposing my email account to social engineering hacking by allowing it to be administered by a third party.
  8. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    The only email address that Outgress cares about is the email address in the "To:" header within emails Ingress sends you. If that's a gmail.com address, they would need to be forwarded from Gmail.

    If it's a non-Gmail address, you would forward from that server, but it working is going to be dependent on how that server works. If emails are altered in anyway from the original, they are ignored.
  9. Snarke

    Snarke New Member

    Although technically possible, I have now spent about an hour merely learning various possible ways that it *could* be done. There is insufficient evidence that this web site offers services valuable enough to justify dealing with this restriction.

    (a) Create a special external filter script to run on my Postfix server, and configure the server to divert the appropriate messages through the filter, where they would have their "From" and "To" headers rewritten.
    (b) Create a program for my server that would monitor my mail account, spot the messages, and redirect them to outgress, prob. with some header rewrites as well.
    (c) Create a script to run on my desk machine, triggered by the message filter rule system in my mail client. Easier, but would only operate when I have the mail client open.
    (d) Create a actual separate email account for mail addressed to my google user name, and set up a simpler redirect rule in the server's header_checks file. Unfortunately, this means all messages from google would now be going to their own account, instead of into my main email account.

    All of that because there is no (e) fill out a single field here on the site: "My damage reports will be 'from' this email address: xxx@yyy.zzz"
  10. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    I'd say the first thing to do would be to decide if this site brings anything of value to you. If not, the rest is all moot and definitely not worth setting up a forwarding rule regardless.

    A-C isn't going to work because then the email is in an altered state and will be ignored if it comes in to the Outgress servers:
    In order for emails to be processed, they must adhere to both of these criteria:
    • In must have been generated by Niantic servers
    • It must not have been edited in any way
    Allowing emails that originated from non-Niantic servers or email damage reports that have been altered from how they were originally from Niantic really would just open the system up to people feeding in fake/false/incorrect data.

    Those are the most important criteria... there are some secondary requirements as well such as the incoming email must come over a SMTP TLS (secure) connection.

    If your email damage reports are being sent to a gmail.com address and then forwarded along to an external email, the simplest solution I would think would be to create a normal forwarding email filter on that Gmail account for just the email damage reports. I believe you can have multiple forwarding filters defined (forwarded to multiple places).
  11. Snarke

    Snarke New Member

    I do not have, and have never had, a gmail account.

    Does this site bring any value to me? Who knows? I can't use it until the forwarding is set up.

    I can't imagine what you mean by "not edited in any way." For the message to be redirected, it *has* to be modified. Specifically, the *envelope* has to have its "To:" header changed to get the message to Outgress. There is no way to forward or redirect the message without rewriting the envelope. Period. That means changing the header of the message, but not the body.
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  12. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    You don't need a gmail.com email address, just a Google Account (which you also need for Ingress). If you don't have a Google Account, the site definitely will have no value to you because it's related to Ingress.

    Personally, my email isn't a gmail.com address either, but I know how to set up forwarding on the email platform I use, so it works fine.

    There aren't instructions for setting up forwarding for non-Gmail addresses because there are an infinite number of possible email platforms one could be using, all with different forwarding instructions (and some might not allow forwarding at all). The Gmail forwarding instructions cover 99% of users who have Google Accounts with a gmail.com address tied to it. For the other 1% of us, the forwarding setup is going to be dependent on your email platform and it's ability to forward emails in an unaltered fashion.

    The criteria for forwarded emails to work (regardless if it's a gmail.com address or not) is as follows:
    • Email must have been generated by a Niantic server
    • Email must not have been edited in any way (for example if your forwarding mechanism even adds "Fwd:" to the subject, it's now altered and invalid). The ability to check if an email has been altered is just a yes/no flag, it's not granular enough to tell *what* has been altered... only that it was (or was not) altered.
    • The email server must transmit emails over a secure (TLS) connection.
    Gmail is able to forward emails in a secure fashion without altering the original emails, which is why it works for gmail.com addresses. It's not that they are a gmail.com address, rather that the Gmail servers don't attempt to alter the email when forwarding.

    Also, for the system to know which emails are yours, the address Ninatic sends your email damage reports to (the "To" header in the email), must match the email you use for your account on this site.
  13. Snarke

    Snarke New Member

    Aha. You mean you know how to set up forwarding on the email CLIENT you use, and there are, indeed, a plethora of email clients. In fact, it's quite possible to have a Gmail account and still not use the Gmail client to access it. This is finally starting to make some sense.

    The clients I've used (Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Outlook) have referred to that as a "redirect." "Forwarding" would take the original message, quote it, and embed it in a new email message, whereas redirecting would send the original message to a new destination verbatim.
  14. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    I've never tried to set up forward on an email client. Truth be told, I haven't used email in about 8 years (at least not where if you send me something, I would see it... I don't check the email account I have actively). I use email for things like Outgress or when you have to click a link to verify a new account somewhere, I'll go and grep the mail I have for the link.

    There are a whole lot of possibilities, in my case, I have a Google Account that *actually* has no gmail.com email address tied to it.

    If I open my Ingress game and look on the Device tab, it's not a gmail.com address shown (really only important in the context of Outgress because the "To:" header in email damage reports is not a gmail.com address).


    Myself, I do it with server-side forwarding when it comes in. There is no client "checking" an email box and performing an action or anything like that.

    You can call it whatever you want... Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, etc. call it a forward. If an email client calls the same thing something different, that's fine too. Regardless of what the forwarding mechanism calls it, the requirements for Outgress is that the original (unaltered) email be sent to the Outgress mail servers. I suspect that most client-side forwarding is *probably* going to fail. I haven't tested it, but I know if the email is altered in any way it will fail (so if they do something like quote the email or alter the subject it has been altered, it's not going to work).

    Additionally doing client-side forwarding is going to make your Outgress alerts borderline useless because of lag since a client is typically going to poll for new mail on a regular basis. Server-side forwarding is going to forward it the instant the mail server receives it. And the mail servers on Outgress' side don't deliver incoming email to a mailbox that needs to be checked (incoming mail is delivered to the application directly).

    The bottom line is that regardless of what you call it or how you do it, the technical requirements for Outgress to receive and process incoming email damage reports is here: https://outgress.com/threads/forward-from-non-gmail-account.61/#post-380
  15. Snarke

    Snarke New Member

    I would be most interested in what server you're running and what modifications you may have made to its configuration files to accomplish that alteration of destination.
  16. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    It's Postfix 2.11, nothing was changed to how it works as far as doing forwards... it's a pretty vanilla setup in that regard.

    Besides needing to be able to forward emails unaltered, it needs to be able to communicate over an SMTP TLS (secure) connection.

    Postfix forwarding is basically editing the /etc/postfix/virtual file (or wherever you have it), rebuilding the lookup table with postmap command, and then reloading the daemon process so it reads your new settings.
  17. CupOt

    CupOt New Member

    oh well... no worky. Bye
  18. Hello!!
    A friend forwards me their reports (Hotmail) to my gmail account, I forwards mine and his reports.
    This should work?

    Can you check?

  19. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Administrator Staff Member Illuminator Enlightened L15

    If they come in completely unaltered, it will work fine. I can't check without knowing something about who it is (like their agent name). :)
  20. Hi dp

    The agent who is redirecting his own reports to my gmail account is @QuanticPotato, i thought you could see it...