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How Does This Work?

You create a free account and set a Gmail filter to forward your Ingress email damage reports.

The damage reports are processed in realtime into the Outgress analytics and alerting engine.

That's the short version.

Is This Allowed?

We believe so, but you decide.

But My Secret Data!

No one on the opposing faction cares who on their team is attacking you. Do you care who on your team is attacking opposing portals?

Play Tendencies:
Where Day Hour
Philadelphia Sunday 7 AM
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Recent Ingress Activity:
UsWJKzzx Sf8n97 Tl Xlf0AL0w FMOQNi M8vYt94
Jul 9, 2017
Most Attacked Portals:
9O6o0Oce 483xNl Zr Z8SJCNlQ vYOjiT NKWG1aA
Historical Activity:
This is not exhaustive information about zirpkatze. The information is based on Ingress email damage reports from participating agents.
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Portals Where zirpkatze Was The Last Known Attacker:
ChBw EO3fRK 3tMZ7m
3335 days
kwJs TbDobdY cY bLF5 3fU4FW H2Ms
3269 days
CiJ5h xUve7j 3l6je7 EEvmEaUz
3117 days
GA 0m hlW6 xtjXg 3QzH
3010 days
25ib 9wThBGJt
3010 days
nU mTsAC KR5 5jOJ hTDZhZZ Tj8tNqK6 S60LpUQra
2977 days
4tZuO3iU mKkqMN4c hnWk1i
2960 days
QiO s2mGSa 3q IQulAj0qz 5Z5S nBhBt62w
2960 days
YucAdDyT 7XyZ fR88 hsD
2949 days
2763 days
aGIA aafHNvI z7bV A4 bLF9HbJlOU c1 oKjHvz
2711 days
JjqmlrWW1H k9 lE4kIU 8lR5zBISg
2711 days
wWnrIN eH5K bPTTuun3l MxWFQdZi
2515 days
4bZud8 d01YS RDFpT D03i7
2515 days
0Eqifr PDJU3 iz52C QnHg10wq
2515 days
gR47zo I3IID Mvnq4fvUs FZoQJK9v
2515 days
0ztz7X UETUGa F19zqqWn bej4cFJTN
2515 days
This list does not include portals where zirpkatze was the last known attacker within the last 60 days.
12 AM
1 AM
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM
12 PM
1 PM
2 PM
3 PM
4 PM
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM
8 PM
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