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How Does This Work?

You create a free account and set a Gmail filter to forward your Ingress email damage reports.

The damage reports are processed in realtime into the Outgress analytics and alerting engine.

That's the short version.

Is This Allowed?

We believe so, but you decide.

But My Secret Data!

No one on the opposing faction cares who on their team is attacking you. Do you care who on your team is attacking opposing portals?

Play Tendencies:
Where Day Hour With
Zetland Friday 5 AM
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Recent Ingress Activity:
DG9w2 nBHtvD dRb5c7 76r
Oct 6, 2019
SWpP8gSoi JAO9k2 Wf8o3
Oct 6, 2019
tI27m1 vAWu3mN
Oct 6, 2019
EospNk N7L9LedL GE2N R QL0e xj gwxLo5
Oct 6, 2019
K3ajGW2x Fb4X9 ptWGRZlH8 XjRY9K
Oct 4, 2019
GdoG f3 7qFh0c
Oct 4, 2019
b7K v6PfGKgU K wlrj6B6N KcMSR bxFseJ4C
Oct 4, 2019
jfgO69 BEyX 2ZkX3Y9NL
Oct 4, 2019
V1fJ6pD OyRj0V Y6amvr1
Oct 4, 2019
1M76WMHpffXt cAA
Oct 4, 2019
XHHZkCVrH YjU1pryQl3 avpT7Q
Oct 4, 2019
J4ecJRQqrmvo Oh 5iL tbNJS B5dnx6OV sjN DNc8 B8 yc9Mqdzf8B SoBB
Sep 28, 2019
r9J6zox SExwA ZyemOVl 0n8w7d
Sep 28, 2019
TYGbp5k wWGyFV ZFtKG6c
Aug 26, 2019
Tu8V VvQdCil qHxawch
Aug 26, 2019
4ptbLI HnqJ yDiYp
Aug 26, 2019
98AQNvnM 9le9
Aug 15, 2019
Aug 15, 2019
Jun 10, 2019
Most Attacked Portals:
mH4WnHnoJ nt bcJV465 py49o
uS5 Up1Z aP PdlQx xRs t3uasG
nzv29UjP IVhU
dIYbXO9x K6oL
Historical Activity:
This is not exhaustive information about v4lkyr. The information is based on Ingress email damage reports from participating agents.
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Portals Where v4lkyr Was The Last Known Attacker:
ytIw e5Kv1
399 days
WCc 2gEb1 jyHs
399 days
5flFiHEsxn E591uo
287 days
1hdTP DdNxPP2xM OxeF
244 days
WT3 LVby6jLD3u Xt35 BIcpEvy 8Kprx BKy0dojY KbL1xV QrXV
231 days
231 days
231 days
AQLrtl71cC a1ut tsXV Rm g76sm
231 days
193 days
A0VaUhBbf de 1RF8Irj Tq0fT
137 days
UTg h7jv Vk 9KAs7 lYd rDQJac
137 days
Ud0i QlYNZql 17707m2 ALkb2V
137 days
D1DFNCce 0x0y EtI3oPo aLPwx 8u6LP 0CJf
130 days
rT9pfUI 2K1jIT
130 days
RgOm25vr oU7Z
65 days
SRiNqk35 Yozw
65 days
This list does not include portals where v4lkyr was the last known attacker within the last 60 days.
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1 AM
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM
12 PM
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