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How Does This Work?

You create a free account and set a Gmail filter to forward your Ingress email damage reports.

The damage reports are processed in realtime into the Outgress analytics and alerting engine.

That's the short version.

Is This Allowed?

We believe so, but you decide.

But My Secret Data!

No one on the opposing faction cares who on their team is attacking you. Do you care who on your team is attacking opposing portals?

Play Tendencies:
Where Day Hour
Makati Monday 8 PM
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Recent Ingress Activity:
ViV 8Q4M ENTs k1K69gV
Jan 19, 2020
EBy8x4SiDB wi9P4UDz ibdcMcJ8 Y 3sm lt1qaM CfcrZFx
Jan 19, 2020
sTl hKjq WgqF EIKknS0
Jan 18, 2020
svtdwYv ySG0n1D 0MeQRFKB
Jan 18, 2020
heM xfBY0e pX ZbgSmX GYA6I oNl3 salx4
Jan 14, 2020
9eLZ vgMX ckUgF3K G6cLwUs0
Jan 13, 2020
2Tv 3ZaP0 Qv fr dGLCwY nGCEJD
Nov 2, 2019
rSbEiv40 RA wja WklFWXW8
Nov 2, 2019
bMfI y7 TUH8Ix m NWw K7P BuvR
Oct 31, 2019
Oct 21, 2019
mbTteISZoOn9 3X1 CP6qR
Oct 21, 2019
aBD N1XjGf Ys 8M5 LKKBrQ
Oct 21, 2019
ie6cxWwEu i2VSji
Oct 21, 2019
Oct 21, 2019
2nbArx pC5P RRv8I7u 13eQQ F1Z2TLq
Oct 21, 2019
F2 EBshJ nyae7E
Oct 21, 2019
H6wWE0i AxOFS Az66TGby
Oct 21, 2019
Z864k7 Nm5j hn SsWjwgcf
Oct 21, 2019
Most Attacked Portals:
D7A JBN0 GAbv enBfGd7
4FX IAKM9c 68 lsX xXLFTk
yFahbMC yVH6B7j 9sfQ1dnv
CcWg Mp Kdz4lF r ngF 5TT AvU3
Historical Activity:
This is not exhaustive information about RogerDodger. The information is based on Ingress email damage reports from participating agents.
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Portals Where RogerDodger Was The Last Known Attacker:
dD DJ3gdIU f8FH
1142 days
o7 J9n6OLF 3R86HIoju
1142 days
ArHi qzdLV
585 days
uO1Hvxc Tg6V6J
585 days
txfzhFYF2 ncofMcYRWmPd3 LNU3y8uR
585 days
8q5 wvqG
585 days
dEqy o2Hg1
454 days
ncIX4Ne GJ9uW04 kMH9
436 days
436 days
TsbY02 MpUs
436 days
SLnfz vKOa8K
436 days
Pil t0vx
430 days
ZY9063 gg yUphOJVrH aIHBdF
364 days
qY7gZ sq7eSMg1Z B7F kkZ3r
276 days
231 days
This list does not include portals where RogerDodger was the last known attacker within the last 60 days.
12 AM
1 AM
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM
12 PM
1 PM
2 PM
3 PM
4 PM
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM