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How Does This Work?

You create a free account and set a Gmail filter to forward your Ingress email damage reports.

The damage reports are processed in realtime into the Outgress analytics and alerting engine.

That's the short version.

Is This Allowed?

We believe so, but you decide.

But My Secret Data!

No one on the opposing faction cares who on their team is attacking you. Do you care who on your team is attacking opposing portals?

Play Tendencies:
Where Day Hour
Watford Saturday 2 AM
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Recent Ingress Activity:
7hlMW 1e jYZW1 dnFMz6
Aug 6, 2022
uqS7Um0 9Q1Srdu
Aug 6, 2022
x7rQDhZ Am 3g2lFx7 a28fwBzw
Aug 6, 2022
qSssPoOJ V0b5EUuJK srgZgj
Aug 6, 2022
Oesoro 4T1m cTc8UP
Aug 6, 2022
x7Yzzn 1wGmy 3oQ2Hw YaLb Ui3A1o
Aug 6, 2022
VIu1UrIk geLko
Aug 6, 2022
Lqsyni NCQ2 3wVrVebg wlb329DB7
Aug 6, 2022
l4Tu3J BY wJXg
Aug 6, 2022
Most Attacked Portals:
SnQdkcT Nc upEsoRX QJZWzb5V
gBJnVB tg I6hQ
4REkT 1W rHd5c LptFzG
4mP06no yi3Mx7m
Historical Activity:
This is not exhaustive information about Br1s1ngr. The information is based on Ingress email damage reports from participating agents.
** Some portals blurred until you log in.
Portals Where Br1s1ngr Was The Last Known Attacker:
Xio fh7I2 IXI
1223 days
smEz ZlruoS
1223 days
M3joC3I wW w72Uw
1142 days
ilEy3y8 oW ywPE9Mqp
1096 days
AR5l JxhVg
1095 days
ffmwYNVh BQRn3DrjC3mGZo TqCy
993 days
vMY06T LA tQ hfjZBi5 tp kBP5HB
704 days
87YY3P1Xh C6icPB63 suLH
704 days
mMVlv Nx U4IlX R2nSZv
701 days
kqY4QXYk50t pOvEaw O3xm v9B8in6
701 days
kbrhGnRvcS Gm872J fIWuVDi
701 days
x3WNcBne6 OrPfV
701 days
W1uO dVd 8iNo u3wDuH
701 days
s8c1RbVRbwCQn 6EUZmpIIB
701 days
KLxxpFw ViBQuKldPlj
415 days
86Y WIyxUWp nksA
366 days
eCG btjU KKX ZVxEw
366 days
yoV2 J5Z58tzE
366 days
5IW UqqFdw7Z WX3i O1Dr 1oIPF2
366 days
R6tKrUJxM cEY9 Yp9vt YL5WfF wOP8
211 days
This list does not include portals where Br1s1ngr was the last known attacker within the last 60 days.
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1 AM
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM
12 PM
1 PM
2 PM
3 PM
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